Cold steep white tea benefits

Another white tea brewing – Cold steep

Cold steep white tea benefits

Cold steep white tea is brewed with cold water, which is a new way to drink with traditional boiling water, but the cold water here refers to pure water, mineral water or cool white cold water. Tap water cannot be used for Cold steep.


And Cold steep white tea is easy to operate, white tea, cold water and glass, the ratio of water to tea is about 50 ml to 1 gram. This ratio is relatively good. It can also be increased or decreased according to your own taste. The white tea is allowed to stand for a period of time, and the contents of the white tea are fully analyzed, and the taste will be more fresh and sweet.


White tea Cold steep can reduce the release of tea tannic acid, reduce bitterness and taste when drinking, increase the taste of tea, the content will be released at a very slow rate at low temperature, and the sweet amino acid molecules will dissolve first. Let the tea of ​​Cold steep white tea be sweeter.


Cold steep white tea is not easy to damage the contents of white tea. It will retain a lot of catechins, tea polyphenols and other substances in tea, which can effectively promote gastrointestinal motility and clear the stool. It has very good effect on slimming, but if it is gastrointestinal discomfort People try not to drink cold white tea.


Cold steep is good, but not all white tea is suitable for Cold steep. In terms of grade, white silver needle and white peony are more suitable for Cold steep, and it is very interesting in the glass. As far as the year is concerned, the use of new tea for Cold tip is better than that of old white tea. It is not suitable for Cold steep, such as white gold, and it tastes better and tastes better! Health care benefits are also more significant!

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