Beautiful legend

Beautiful legend of Biluochun tea

Anyone who has ever tasted Biluochun tea is deeply attracted by its delicate green and emerald color, soft and delicate leaf base, delicate fragrance and fresh and fresh flavor. But the origin of Biluochun’s name has never been known.

According to historical records, the origin of Biluochun’s name mainly includes two statements. The first is recorded in the Records of Suzhou Prefecture: “Dongting Dongshan Biluoshibi, a few wild tea plants, each year the local people with basket collection, no difference. In a certain year, Kangxi, according to the weather collector, has more leaves than ever before. The tea pickers shouted, “frightening people!” Tea was named after that.

The Qing Dynasty Wang Yankui “Liu Nan Essays” records: Emperor Kangxi in the thirty-eight years of Kangxi (1699) in the spring of the third Southern Patrol, when Kangxi pedestrians drive to Lake Taihu, inspector Song Bu from the local tea master Zhu Zhengyuan purchased refined “frightening fragrance” tribute to Emperor Kangxi, Kangxi thought that the tea was the original. The name is not elegant enough to give it the name Biluochun. Biluochun became famous in the world and became a tribute tea in the Qing Dynasty.

In fact, in addition to the above historical records, about the origin of the name of Biluochun tea, folk also widely spread a moving legend. Legend has it that there is an orphan girl named Biluo who lives on the West Dongting Mountain on the shore of Taihu Lake. She is hard-working, kind-hearted, beautiful, intelligent and has a good voice by nature. She can often be heard in the clouds of the mountains. The villagers like to hear her singing. On the East Dongting Mountains, which is separated from the two Dongting Mountains by water, there lives a young fisherman named Ah-hsin. He is honest, brave and upright, and is deeply loved by people. For Bi lo, Ah Xiang was born with a feeling that he had been unable to meet each other. In the early spring of this year, a tyrannical dragon appeared in Taihu Lake, threatening to trample Pingshan Villa and force Biluo to become his wife.

Ah Xiang, who lives on the East mountain, was angry at the news. In order to protect the people of Li and Biluo, Ah Xiang and the Dragon battled for seven days and seven nights. Both sides were seriously injured and collapsed in the cave courtyard. Rural neighbors rushed to the news of the joint efforts to eradicate the dragon, Dongting Lake and restored the former quiet and peaceful. Bi Lo for the newspaper great grace, will have seriously injured Ah Xiang home to personally care. However, as Ah Xiang was seriously injured and never out of danger, Biluo spent all day searching for herbs for Ah Xiang. One day, in the bloodshed of Ah Xiang’s battle with dragons, a small tea tree with lush branches and leaves was found. Bi Lo carefully transplanted the tea plant to Dongting mountain. Under the meticulous care of bilo, the small tea plant thrived, but the body of Ah Xiang gradually weakened.

Anxious Biluo went up the mountain every day to taste the buds and leaves, and made a delicate green tea soup for Ah Xiang to drink. Strange to say, after Xiang Xiang drank, he felt refreshed. Seeing such a body recovering gradually, I thought I could stay with Biluo girl for two nights, but Biluo gradually lost her original spirit and finally died of haggard because of her mouth-to-mouth tea every day. In order to commemorate the beautiful and kind-hearted Biluo girl, Ah Xiang buried Biluo with her neighbors under the tea tree on Dongting Mountain, which she cared for herself. To commemorate the fragrant soul of Biluo girl, she called the strange tea tree “Biluo tea”. Since then, though Dongting Lake Taihu has gone through vicissitudes, the Biluo Spring Tea, which was bred with the blood of A-type and the heart of Biluo, has always had a unique charm and a delicate fragrance.

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