Black tea history

Black tea history and culture

The earliest people who discovered and used tea in the world were said to be Shennong. Legend has it that in 2737 B.C., he unexpectedly drank water boiled by leaves of wild tea trees, feeling refreshed and refreshed. Another is that he tasted poisonous herbs, but by chewing the leaves of tea, the Chinese people have gradually learned to use, eat and drink tea.

By the Tang Dynasty, the atmosphere of tea drinking has spread throughout the society. Around 780 A.D., Lu Yu assembled his research and experience on tea into the Cha Jing, which was the first tea book in the world. Before that, people had different names for tea, and Lu Yu used the word “tea” in the book uniformly, which was a key for later generations to establish “tea” as a general term.

The true age of the origin of black tea is beyond examination. The Title “black tea” was mentioned in the book “Many Despicable Things” written in the mid-Ming Dynasty (about the 16th century), which is now the earliest record. It is presumed that in seventeenth Century, black tea began to be produced, and the first Fujian black tea was produced. Based on the production process of small black tea, Gongfu black tea was produced in Fujian in the mid-18th century, and the production and processing were more sophisticated.

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