Dianhong Gongfu tea

Dianhong Gongfu tea tasting and brewing

Dianhong Gongfu Tea is a large leaf type of Gongfu Tea. It has a strong aroma and delicious taste. Its outstanding quality has been widely praised. Dianhong efforts are now mainly exported to Russia and other places. Even if the milk is added, it will still smell fragrant. The water extract of Yunnan red wine reaches 40%, and the taste is excellent.

Dianhong’s foliage is plump, compact, with heavy bones and a slightly exposed velvet, which can be divided into pale yellow, chrysanthemum yellow, golden yellow, and other colors, with slightly different origins and colors. The strips are tightly balanced, dark and glossy, and some have a gloss on the surface. Dianhong will form a golden circle after brewing, the transition between the two layers of color is very natural, after cooling presents a refined state, some turbid. Yunnan red is mainly exported and there are few genuine products in the domestic market. The production of Yunnan red is small, and there are generally anti counterfeiting marks.

The fake Dianhong can hardly be seen. The color of the soup looks stiff, lacks fragrance, tastes bad and feels astringent. After the soup, the red circle was seen, and the golden circle was not visible. After the first infusion, the colour becomes bright and beautiful, then fades or hardly visible.

Dianhong Gongfu tea brewing key points

1.Dianhong needs 2~3 minutes to soak up the soup, so don’t drink too quickly. It is best to smell fragrant before drinking and experience its unique aroma.

2. Dianhong has a certain health function, can promote digestion, remove grease, can mix chocolate or dessert, can also add sugar and milk

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