Emei Zhuyeqing Introduction

What kind of tea is Zhuyeqing tea?

Zhuyeqing tea, also known as “green leaf manna”, belongs to green tea category. Zhuyeqing tea is mainly produced in Mount Emei city of Sichuan province and its surrounding areas. It belongs to flat fried green tea. Zhuyeqing tea is a famous new tea in 1960s. Marshal Chen Yi visited Mount Emei and tasted the tea at the Wannian Temple on the mountain. The tea was delicious and fragrant, with a mellow aftertaste. Asked about the name of the tea, said that there is no name, the local monks asked the marshal to give the name, the marshal felt that the shape of the tea like tender bamboo leaves, so named “zhuyeqing”.

Emei Zhuyeqing is flat, smooth and straight in shape, tender green in color, bright in soup color, long in fragrance, delicious and mellow in taste, light green at the bottom of leaves, even and bright. After brewing, the tea buds first float on the surface of the water, and then quickly erect the bottom of the cup.

Brewing Zhuyeqing green tea, the most appropriate choice of non-pattern transparent glass, using the method of pouring, do not be anxious to taste after flushing, first watch its “tea dance”, then smell the aroma of bamboo leaves Qing, and finally taste the tea soup.

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