Bailin Gongfu Tea

Fuding Bailin Gongfu Tea Introduction

When it comes to Fuding’s tea, we must think of white tea. In fact, there is another kind of Fuding tea has also been famous at home and abroad – Bai Lin Gongfu tea, and Fuan County “Tanyang Gongfu” and “Zhenghe County” as “Three great black tea in Fujian”.

Bailin Gongfu Tea has a long history of 250 years. It is an extremely valuable intangible cultural heritage of Fuding.

Brief introduction:

Bailin Gongfu Tea is a kind of black tea. It is produced in Bailin and Hulin. In the 1950s, Fujian and Guangzhou tea merchants managed and processed Gongfu tea in Fuding. They concentrated the black striped tea from Bailin, Zhixi, nodding, Pingyang and Taishun in Zhejiang Province, and named Bailin Gongfu. Bai Lin is famous for his work.


Bailin Gongfu Tea pays great attention to the tenderness of fresh leaf material. The local planted small leaf population is selected. It has the characteristics of more hairs, early germination and high yield. Later, people found that the quality of Fuding white tea is better, but it is required to be picked early, otherwise the buds and leaves are too large, the shape of the product is coarse and the fragrance of the tea is light. Poor quality.

The quality of tea is closely related to its production process. The primary processing process of Bailin Gongfu Tea is picking withering rubbing decomposition fermentation baking. Each process is interlinked and complementary. If it goes wrong, the flavor, soup color and leaf bottom of the tea will be affected.

Fermented Bailin Gongfu Tea has a slender, curved shape, dark and yellow color; it smells delicious and refreshing; the soup is bright and tastes fresh and sweet. Especially the super Bai Lingong, the shape of heavy solid compact, fresh and lasting aroma, taste mellow and sweet, by Chinese and foreign tea teachers known as “beautiful queen”.


Bailin Gongfu Tea is warm and good at dispelling cold in moderate temperature. It can dissipate phlegm, digest food and appetite. It is most suitable for people with weak spleen and stomach to drink. On the other hand, black tea has the functions of diuresis, eliminating edema and strengthening myocardium. Blood glucose and hypertension.

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