Huangshan Maofeng

How to brew Huangshan Maofeng new tea?

Huangshan Maofeng New Tea is on the market. When people drink tea, when they make tea, they will feel that some soups are very yellow, and some of the soups are very green.


Generally speaking, when Huangshan Maofeng begins to soak, the soup color is tender yellow, then it slowly turns yellow, especially now it is new tea. If it is overnight, the soup will be yellow next morning.


When Huangshan Maofeng is brewing, the general water temperature is recommended to be 85 to 90 degrees. That’s enough, up to 90. It feels good to have 85 degrees of boiling water. This water temperature is very good for brown and soup color, and it is very good for that kind of fresh flavor.


If the water temperature is too high, the color of the soup will easily turn yellow, and the fragrance of the tea will be a little bit worse;


As for what kind of tea set to choose, it is ok to use a glass or a porcelain cup. Just pay attention. When making tea, it is best not to cover it with a lid.

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