Old Pu'er tea

How to brew the old Pu’er tea

Old Pu’er tea with good quality has the advantages of more mellow taste and longer lasting charm, so it is very popular with many old tea customers. It needs good brewing methods to fully stimulate its taste.

Next, we will introduce the brewing method of the next aged Pu erh tea.

Because there are some oxides in the old Puer tea, Chen Wei and so on. To brew aged Pu’er tea, the tea should first be put into a high-density cover bowl, poured water and froze for about a minute, then stirred with bamboo branches to remove oxides and impurities from the surface of the tea, and then poured into a fair cup through a filter. If it is a long time Pu erh tea, it can be washed in this way for two times.

Next, we poured half a pot of water into the prepared purple clay pot, and then borrowed bamboo branches to transfer the cleaned tea from the cup to the purple clay pot. In order not to waste tea, you can pour some water into the cup, gather the tea residue in the cup together, and then pour it into the purple sand pot.

The first infusion of water into the purple clay pot can also be used for tea washing, but since tea has been washed before, this infusion of tea soup is relatively clean, can be infused into the lid bowl for soaking purple clay pot cover – usually a friend who has a purple clay pot may encounter a situation, is the pot body is very warm, but the lid is glossy Not enough; soaking the lid in this way will help to nourish both the lid and the body of the pot.

After the previous steps, the next brewing is very simple. In a conventional way, Baidu’s boiling water is injected into a purple sand pot, and then it can be directly soaked into a fairness cup.

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