Keemun black tea

How to choose high quality Keemun black tea?

Generally speaking, high-grade Keemun black tea has a tight shape, fine seedlings, dark color and lustre. After brewing, the tea soup is thick and red. The fragrance is fresh and fragrant. It has a distinct sweetness, sometimes with the fragrance of roses. The peculiar smell of Keemun black tea is called “Qimen fragrance” by many consumers abroad. Keemun black tea is called “high-grade black tea” in the international market. Especially in the London market, Keemun black tea is listed as “hero” in tea. Every time new Keemun black tea comes on the market, everyone competes for it. They believe that “the fragrance of spring is found in the tea fragrance of China”.

Specifically, the identification methods of Keemun black tea are generally divided into the following seven aspects:

1. Shape: The quality of the tightness and uniformity of the cables is good, on the contrary, if the cables are loose and uniform, the quality of the cables is inferior.

2, color and lustre: lustrous, rich luster, good quality, on the contrary, color and lustre are inconsistent, there are dead gray and dark tea, then the quality is inferior.

3. Aroma: The quality of the fragrance is good, the fragrance is not pure, with the smell of grass, the quality is inferior, the smell is low.

4, soup color: soup red Yan, in the evaluation of the edge of the tea cup formed Golden Circle is superior, soup color is not clear for the second, dark soup color is inferior.

5, taste: good taste, good taste, bitter taste for the second time, taste coarse coarse for inferior.

6, the bottom of the leaf is bright, the quality is good, the leaves are black, and the leaves are deep and dark.

7, color: brown red, cut into 0.6 to 0.8 centimeters, strong flavor, strong alcohol and fresh. Fake tea usually has artificial colors, bitter and astringent, and uneven leaves.

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