Pu’er Tea

How to correctly identify Pu’er tea is good or bad

How to correctly identify whether Pu’er tea you drink is good or bad?

1. Sweetness

This kind of sweetness refers to the direct expression on the tongue after the entrance. Never confuse it with Huigan. Its sweetness is elegant, clear and sweet, which is often concealed by Huigan. After drinking tea for a certain period of time, it can separate various tastes. It is difficult for new tea customers to taste it. Sweetness is also the key to distinguish the good from the bad, but it is not the key.

2, tea soup

Tea soup is one of the keys to identify endoplasmic richness. The identification of the consistency of tea soup should not be judged by a little bit of tea soup drinking in the mouth. We should try some tea soup in the mouth and swallow it around for a week. Once we can feel the viscosity of tea soup, we can feel the plumpness and smoothness of tea soup.

3. Huigan Shengjin

Huigan and Shengjin are the basic flavors of tea. For example, Taidi Tea Huigan and Shengjin reflect faster, but their persistence is poor. Generally, they begin to weaken after 6 bubbles. This flavor of ancient tree tea reflects more stable, fast and lasting.

4, bitter and astringent

Bitter and astringent is also the key to distinguish the quality of tea. Bitter and astringent is the nature of tea. Every tea has its own characteristics, but there are only two reasons for heavier performance of tea:

1. One is that tea plants are younger, absorb less nutrients from the soil, and other flavors are weaker. This kind of primitiveness is particularly prominent at this time.

2. The other is to fertilize tea plants, especially urea, which can accelerate the growth of tea plants rapidly, but it will change the soil structure quickly, so it will cause an increase in bitterness and astringency.

According to these two reasons, we can tell you that bitterness is not tea gas, nor does it mean that tea is very stimulating and will not be stimulated after a long period of time; others say that it is wrong to say that bitterness is the origin of tea, but also can be said to be a shortcoming of tea.

5. Throat rhyme

Laryngeal rhyme is also the key to distinguish the quality of tea. It is also very important. Laryngeal rhyme is the cool and comfortable feeling formed in the throat. This feeling will make you breathe more smoothly and comfortably. It will also form the feeling that the larynx is sweet and the fragrance lasts for a long time. Moreover, when breathing, this kind of charm will accompany the entrance of the breathing belt. At this time, you will have the illusion that how the larynx can taste the sweetness. Sweet, fragrant.

The laryngeal rhyme is produced because when tea is rich in endoplasm, the taste of tea soup will be released in the throat. Some ancient tree tea can last for 20-30 minutes after drinking tea. The longer the laryngeal rhyme is, the more endoplasm is.

6. Bubble Resistance

When tasting, if one of the flavors is found to be weakened in any one of the bubbles, it proves that the brewing tolerance of this tea can only reach this point. After 6 bubbles of Taidi tea, it will begin to weaken. Ancient tree tea can last for more than 8-10 bubbles, and the better can last for more than 12 bubbles. So don’t say that your tea can brew for more than 20 bubbles. What you drink for more than 20 bubbles is the back sweetness of tea. And when the brewing method is not standard, as long as the quantity of tea is more, the water stops heating after boiling, and the tea can be brewed longer, that is the special phrase used by tea shops to fool tea customers; the brewing resistance determines the stability of tea, the better the brewing resistance, the higher the stability.

7. Stability

Through the identification of foam resistance, we can get the stability of tea. The higher the stability, the more abundant the essence of this tea is. Later storage, the more stable the later aging can be obtained. Therefore, it can also prove that many tea customers say that cheap new tea has strong stimulation after buying, and it is good to drink after aging for several years. When the original tea does not have the endoplasm, what substances should be used for aging? ? Therefore, tea should be based on the abundance of endoplasm, endoplasm is abundant and tea is stable. Only when tea is stable, can we get the later age. Pu’er tea is vitality. At the same time, tea has the same gestation period as human beings, such as infancy, adolescence, youth, adulthood, middle age, old age and old age. Tea will die out slowly. Besides tea production, there are also late storage. The key.

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