Enshi Yulu Tea

Hubei Enshi Yulu Tea Benefits

Hubei Enshi Yulu Tea Benefits

Enshi Yulu belongs to green tea. It is produced in Bajiao Township in the south of Enshi City, Hubei Province and Wufeng Mountain in the eastern suburbs. It was once called “Jade Green”. Because of its fresh and refreshing taste, the shape is tight and round, the color is green and green, and it is as white as jade. “Yu Lu”. The processing technology is: steaming, fan dry water, shovel head fire, shovel, shovel two hair fire, plastic glazing (manipulation: 搂, 搓, end, tie), pick seven steps. [1] has anti-oxidation, improve immunity, lower blood pressure, prevent coronary heart disease and other effects. Shi Zhaopeng, vice chairman of the China Tea Society and a professor at Hunan Agricultural University, wrote the inscription of Enshi Yulu: “Enshi Yulu, the best in tea”; Japanese tea master Qing Shui Kangfu went to Enshi to inspect the tea production inscription: “Enshi Yulu, Wen Guzhixin”.

Enshi Yulu is a traditional Chinese tea. Since the Tang Dynasty, there has been a record of “Shinan Tea”. In the Ming Dynasty, Huang Yizheng “Things of the Beads” contained: “Tea Tea Names… Chongyang Tea, Puqi Tea, Tea, Jingzhou Tea, Shizhou Tea, Nanmu Tea (Out of Jiangling)”.

Enshi Yulu has a moderate amount of selenium. The selenium content in tea leaves is 0.03-4.1 mg/kg, and the selenium content in tea is 0.08-0.12 mg/kg. The majority of selenium in various teas is 0.1 mg. /kg or less. For the whole tea tree: selenium content old leaves> young leaves, old branches> twigs, nut shells> seeds, leaves> branches, aboveground> below ground. According to the Tea Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the tea dry tea contains 3.47 mg/kg of selenium and the tea contains selenium 0.01~0.52 mg/kg, which meets the human consumption requirements of 0.3-5.0 ppm of selenium-enriched tea.

2 cups of Enshi Yulu Tea (30ml) has the same antioxidant capacity: 225ml red wine, 7 cups (1050) orange juice, 12 glasses of beer, 5 (750g) onions, and six (600g) apples. Tea has the following effects: anti-oxidation, improve immunity, lower blood pressure, prevent coronary heart disease, prevent, sterilize, anti-virus, lower blood sugar, prevent diabetes, anti-cancer and anti-mutation.


Enshi Yulu drinking tea tips

Slow-selling jade, tastes mellow and mellow, tastes sweet, tastes a cup of Enshi Yulu, slow-sounding and refreshing aftertaste, and the sorrowful and unrecognizable is the rich humanity of Yulu tea.

Since the green color is transparent, in order to facilitate the observation of the shape of the tea, the color of the tea is generally selected as a transparent cylindrical glass. When making tea, a small amount of tea leaves are placed in the cup, and the boiling water of 85-90 is slowly poured along the wall of the cup. In the cup, remember not to pour directly onto the tea leaves. It can be used in half a minute.


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