Oolong Tea

Introduce the types of oolong tea

Oolong tea, a famous product of tea, is known as “Chinese special tea”. Oolong tea is rich in color and variety. There are many kinds of famous and excellent tea. Oolong tea can be divided into two types in terms of aroma: Faint scent Oolong tea and Luzhou-flavor Oolong tea.

1. Fujian oolong tea

Rock tea produced in Wuyishan, Fujian is famous both at home and abroad. The shape of Wuyi rock tea is uniform, strong knot curl, green and lustrous, the back of leaves is frog skin-like sand grains white dots, after brewing the soup is deep, the bottom and edge of leaves show vermilion, the center is light green, red and green backing, forming a strange “green leaves with red edges”. Tieguanyin Anxi is the most outstanding representative of Oolong tea. Its shape is curly and its color is sandy green. After brewing, it emits a unique scent of orchid.

2. Guangdong oolong tea

It is mainly produced in Chaozhou and Shantou areas of Guangdong, and the processing method originated from Wuyishan, Fujian. It has a natural flower fragrance, curly tight and fat stripes, lustrous dark brown and red line, soup yellow with green, delicious and full-bodied and glycol taste, the bottom of the leaves “green leaves with red edges,” brewing resistance, more than 10 times, the fragrance is still overflowing outside the cup, sweet and lasting, the true flavor does not reduce.

3. Taiwan oolong tea

Originated in Taiwan Island, it is transplanted from Anxi, Fujian Province. According to its fermentation degree, it can be divided into light fermented Oolong tea, medium fermented oolong tea and re-fermented Oolong tea. Frozen top oolong tea, commonly known as frozen top tea, is a famous tea in Taiwan. It is made from green heart and oolong. The shape of the finished product is hemispherical, curved, dark green, oily, and has a natural fragrance.

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