Liubao Tea

Introduction of aroma types of Liubao tea

What are the aroma types of Liubao tea? The traditional Liubao green tea has betel nut, pine scent, medicinal, honey and floral. The modern craft Liubao cooked tea has woody, jujube, and ginseng.


1. Betel nut

Betel nut is the top fragrance of Liubao tea. It is enough when it is old enough. There are also betel nut flavors on the book of the betel nut of Liubao tea. Liubao tea became the 24 famous teas of the Qing Dynasty because of its unique betel nut. It is because Liubao’s good old teas have betel nut, which can be copied and can be compared.

2, loose smoke incense

The tea book says that good Liubao tea will have a smoky aroma and betel nut, so the pine scent is also the classic scent of Liubao tea. Some people who know more about it may think that the smoky scent is a firewood burning, just like the farmhouse smoked bacon or the smokehouse of the Zhengshan race, but this is not the case. The loose scent of Liubao tea is not the aroma of loose smoke, not the aroma of loose smoke, it is a natural tea fragrance. It is not the result of smoking and dyeing, it is a natural aging fragrance. This is also a way to distinguish whether the authentic original Liubao tea is raw.

3, honey

When Liubao’s original seed tea is relatively new, it compares the first aroma. There is a touch of honey. If you smell the Camellia of Liubao Tea, it is easier to appreciate Liubao’s unique honey.

4, jujube

Sweet jujube, the aroma of aged tea is more common, especially when cooking tea.

5, wood incense

Liubao tea Chen Xiangzhong is a kind of scent, like wood and like aroma of medicine, like rosin and jujube. The aroma that is more common in cooked tea.

6, ginseng

A kind of Chen Xiang, like the aroma of American ginseng. Northerners will easily regard it as a bad smell, and some people will think it is earthy or wet. The method of distinguishing whether it is a wet warehouse is actually very simple. Take the tea and cook it. The unsatisfactory smell of the soup is the wet tea. The bright and fragrant smell of soup is sweet. It is inaccurate to judge the wet warehouse by the smell. The aged tea is not likely to have a little fermented taste, and the post-fermented tea is the same. The tea with ginseng is usually boiled with red bean paste. Liubao tea is typical of several flavors. Of course, the newer teas will have a fragrant fruity aroma, but the more fragrant Liubao tea is basically the same aroma.

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