Dianhong Golden Bud

Introduction of Dianhong Golden Bud

Dianhong Golden Bud is a high-end product of Dianhong Tea. The single bud of Yunnan big leaf seed before Ming Dynasty is selected as raw material and refined by traditional technology. Its appearance is golden, it is straight and needle like, its color is red, bright, fragrant and high, and fresh and sweet. In 1959, Dianhong Golden Bud Black Tea was unveiled, which not only set the highest auction price in London, but also opened up a unique area of European black tea consumption: the elegant quality of life brought by golden coat and elegant taste led the luxury consumers such as France, Britain and Japan.

Dianhong Golden Bud is a kind of black tea produced in Lincang, Baoshan, Simao, Xishuangbanna, Dehong, Honghe and other places along the Lancang River in Yunnan Province. It picks one bud, two leaves, one bud, three leaves and one leaf with the same tenderness, and the first one is withered, twisted, fermented and dried. Refined tea is divided into four categories: itself, long body, round body and light body.

Due to climate and regional characteristics, Dianhong spring tea is the most excellent quality, with many fine hair and excellent taste. It is also divided into light yellow, chrysanthemum yellow, golden yellow and so on. Produced in Fengqing, Yun County, Changning and other places Yunnan Gongfu tea, the color is mostly chrysanthemum yellow. Menghai, Shuang Jiang, Lincang, Pu Wen and other places Gongfu tea, the color is mostly golden yellow. Even in the same tea garden, the spring picking tea is generally light, mostly light yellow, summer tea mostly chrysanthemum yellow, only autumn tea mostly golden yellow.

Because the fresh leaves of Dianhong’s golden bud are collected from Yunnan’s large-leaved tea plants, it contains more polyphenols than other varieties, and produces more thearubin and theaflavins in the process of processing. Other water-extracting substances, such as caffeine, are also higher. Therefore, the processed Gongfu black tea is not only refreshing, but also fragrant and tasty, and the soup is bright with amber. Bright features such as gold rings.

Dianhong is suitable for drinking in autumn and winter because of its sweet taste and warm nature, which is conducive to the cultivation of human yang, especially in winter.

Dianhong is delicious, mellow, smooth, warm stomach Shengjin, but also because it has not been over-hyped, affordable and widely loved by a number of old tea fans. This tea should be brewed with mineral water with water temperature below 90 degrees Celsius and added a cup cover to avoid the loss of aroma.

The reason why Dianhong Golden Bud is superior in quality is that its manufacturing process is strict. The fresh leaves must be fresh spring buds, according to one bud one or two leaves picking fresh leaves, can not pile up too thick for too long, to implement grading processing in time. The proper quality of the leaves is timely drying at a temperature of about 95 degrees Celsius.

For first-time tea drinkers, you can also add ice sugar in black tea, anti-inflammatory, protective effect of gastric mucosa, and ulcer also has a certain alleviation effect. In summer, black tea can be mixed with ice sugar or honey and put in the refrigerator to make Iced Black tea; as the weather gradually cooled, then drink black tea, it is not appropriate to cool, because it will affect the effect of stomach warming.

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