Legend of Anji White Tea

Legend of Anji White Tea

We know that there are historical legends about the origin of many kinds of tea. So what is the historical legend of Anji white tea?

Legend has it that after compiling the known tea leaves into the Book of Tea, he always felt that he had not written all the tea leaves well. Sometimes he decided to go out for a tour to see if there were any new unknown tea products and whether there were better ones. So he waited for one of his bookboys to come out and look for them.

One day, Lu Yu came to a mountain in Huzhou Prefecture. He felt the beautiful scenery of the mountain, so he began to visit it. Looking at him, he was attracted by a kind of tea tree he had never seen before, only to see that the tea leaves of this kind of tea tree were white, very beautiful, so he asked the bookboy to pick some back to make tea. Then use local streams to make brew. After brewing, the tea is rich and fragrant, and it is refreshing and refreshing.

Therefore, Lu Yu recorded this tea with the “Tea Classic”, so the raw materials of the tea are all white, so he named it Anji white tea.

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