Lu'an Guapian

Legend of Lu’an Guapian

According to legend, there is a farmer named Hu Lin in Jinzhai Town, Jinzhai, who collects tea for the employer to Qiyun Mountain. At the end of the tea season, he came to a cliff in front of the stone wall, where the ancient wood was criss-crossed. Suddenly, he found several strange tea trees in the stone wall. The leaves are leafy, green and dripping, and the buds are covered with a layer of white hair, and the silver is shining. Hu Lin is good at making tea. He is very expert in distinguishing the quality of tea varieties. He knows that tea trees in front of him are extremely rare and valuable varieties. So he immediately took fresh leaves, carefully fried into tea, brought to the body, went down the mountain to go home.

When Hu Lin was in a hurry, he walked into a teahouse on the side of the road to rest his feet and took out the camellia that he brought with him. When he drowned, he saw a layer of white foam floating in the cup, just like a blossoming cloud, like The golden lotus flower is in full bloom, full of incense and full house, and it will not be scattered for a long time. It is full of surprises and praises: “Good tea! Good fragrant tea!” Later, Hu Lin returned to the mountains to find what he found between the cliff walls. The few tea trees, but the peaks and turns, nowhere to find. The locals think that this is “God Tea” and cannot be recovered.

A few years after this story was circulated, some tea trees were found in the bat cave of Qiyun Mountain. It is said that the bats were born. These tea trees are exactly the same as the tea trees described by Hu Lin at that time, and everyone naturally calls them “God Tea.” It is said that Lu’an Guapian is the proliferation of the god tea.

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