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Longjing tea and Hupao spring are beautiful and mysterious legends

Longjing tea and Hupao spring are beautiful and mysterious legends

The extraordinary quality of Longjing tea has always been praised by tea people. In the Ming Dynasty, Gao Lian said, “the spring of West Lake is Hupao, the two mountain tea is Longjing.” Longjing tea and Hupao spring are famous Hangzhou double. For thousands of years, there are many legends and stories about Longjing tea, which make Longjing tea full of mystery.

Legend has it that when Emperor Qianlong went down to the south of the Yangtze River, he came to the foot of the Shifeng Mountain in Longjing, Hangzhou, to see the countrywoman picking tea to show his appreciation of the people. On this day, Emperor Qianlong saw several townswomen picking tea in front of more than 10 green tea trees. He was very happy and learned to pick tea. Just after picking it up, suddenly the eunuch came to the newspaper: “the queen mother is ill, please hurry up to Beijing.” Emperor Qianlong heard that the Empress Dowager was ill. He put a handful of tea into the bag and drove back to the capital day and night. In fact, the Empress Dowager only because of the mountain delicacies eat too much, for a while liver fire rises, eyes red and swollen, stomach discomfort, there is no serious disease. At this time, Huang came to see a pure fragrance, and asked what good things he brought. The emperor felt strange. Where did it come from? He touched it carelessly. Ah, it was a handful of tea from Shifeng Mountain in Hangzhou. After a few days, the tea had dried up, and the rich aroma was the one it emitted. The Queen Mother wanted to taste the taste of tea. The lady of the palace made the tea well and sent it to the front of the rear of the queen. As a matter of fact, it was fragrant and fragrant. The Queen Mother drank a mouthful. Her eyes were more comfortable immediately. After drinking the tea, the red swelling disappeared and her stomach was not distended. The queen mother said happily, “tea in Longjing, Hangzhou is really a panacea.” The Emperor Qianlong was so happy to see the Empress Dowager that he immediately ordered him to seal the 18 tea trees in front of the Xiahu Gong Temple at Shifeng Mountain in Longjing, Hangzhou, as imperial tea. He picked new tea every year and paid tribute to the Empress Dowager. So far, there are still 18 imperial teas in front of the Hugong Temple in Longjing Village, Hangzhou. Many tourists to Hangzhou have also made special trips to visit and take pictures.

Longjing tea (one of the ten famous Chinese tea) and Hupao spring are known as “Hangzhou double absolutely”. How did Hupao spring come from? It is said that there were two brothers, named tiger and two tigers. Two people are more than human beings. One year, two people came to Hangzhou and wanted to settle down in a small temple where the tiger ran. The monk told them that it was difficult to eat water here and we had to go through several ridges to carry water. The two brothers said that if we could live and carry water, we would pack it. So the monk took the two brothers to carry water. The two brothers said that if we could stay and carry water, we would pack it. So the monk took the two brothers. One summer, there was no rain in the drought, and the stream dried up. It was more difficult to draft. One day, the two brothers remembered that they had seen the “Boy Spring” in Hengshan Mountain of Nanyue when they were wandering. If only they could move the Boy Spring to Hangzhou. The two brothers decided to go to Hengshan and move to Boy Spring. All the way around, they fainted at the foot of Hengshan. After the storm broke out and the wind stopped raining, they woke up and saw a little boy with a willow branch standing in front of them. This was the fairy named “Boy Spring”. The immortal listened to them and pointed to them with a willow branch. The water sprinkled on them. Suddenly, the two brothers became two colorful tigers. The child leaped up on the tiger’s back. The tiger whistled to the sky and went straight to Hangzhou with “Boy Spring”. The old monks and villagers had a dream at night. They dreamed that the big tiger and the two tigers became two tigers. They moved the “Boy Spring” to Hangzhou, and there was a spring at daybreak. The next day, the sky was bright, two tigers fell from the sky, tigers fell in the bamboo garden near the monastery, paddle the ground, soon dig a deep hole, a sudden storm, rain stopped, saw a deep hole gushing out of a spring, we understand, must be tigers and tigers brought to them. In order to commemorate the tiger and the two tigers, they named the springs “tiger plough spring”. Later, it was called “Hupao spring”. Longjing tea is made in Hupaoquan with excellent color, fragrance and flavor. Today, in Hupaoquan tea room, you can enjoy this “double perfect” drink.

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