Mao Xie tea

Minnan oolong tea four color teas Benshan, Meizhan, Maoxie, Huangdan

Mentioning Weinan Oolong Tea, I think everyone will immediately think of Anxi Tieguanyin. In fact, in Anxi, in addition to Tieguanyin, there are also color tea and big leaf oolong. As early as the 1950s, the commodity inspection department divided the Anxi oolong tea into three categories: Tieguanyin, color tea and oolong in order to facilitate identification and classification. So what is color tea? In fact, color tea is a small category belonging to the Oolong tea category. Except for Tieguanyin and Oolong, other varieties are classified into color tea. The most famous ones are Benshan, Meizhan, Maoxie, Huangdan and so on.


Benshan tea


This mountain tea, also known as round tea, was discovered as early as 1870 and later widely planted in Xiping and Lutian. It was recognized as a good species at the Tea Tree Fine Seeds Examination and Approval Meeting in 1984 and became one of the four elites of Anxi. Although this mountain tea and Tieguanyin are considered “close relatives”, the growth and adaptability are better than Tieguanyin. It is quite similar to Tieguanyin and is difficult to distinguish.


Mei Zhan Tea


Because this tea blossoms like a plum, it is named “Mei Zhan”, and there is also the meaning of Mei Zhanbaihua. The most interesting thing is that it can be made into various teas in different places. The processed green tea and black tea have a light orchid flavor and a mellow taste. They are also a high-quality raw material for the Zhengshan race and Bailin.


Mao Xie tea


The hairy crab is produced in Daqiulun, Fujii Village, Daping Township, Anxi County. It has a rich and mellow taste, a high aroma, a slight jasmine fragrance, a light blue tea, and a smooth entrance. It is more suitable for oolong tea and a premium tea in the color tea. . Like Meizhan, it can be made into black tea and green tea, and the color is revealed. The dry tea is beautiful in appearance and the quality is relatively good.


Huang Dan tea


Anxi Huangdan, color such as “gold”, Qixiang like “Gui”, so also known as Huangjingui, known as “a smell of aroma, and know Huang Dan”. Huang Dan has a distinctive quality, mainly reflecting “one morning and two strange”. “Early morning” refers to germination, harvesting, and early listing. Huangdan is generally harvested in mid-April, ten days earlier than the general variety, and nearly 20 days earlier than Tieguanyin. “Two odd” is mainly in the shape of “yellow, uniform, fine”, and the internal quality is “fragrance, odd, fresh”.

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