Old Paka tea

Old Paka Tea Introduction

Old paca

It turned out to be the tea that Yunnan tea farmers drink themselves, not for export. It is a kind of Pu’er tea, but the processing method is different. It is made by boiling water and drying. Old Paka is an ancient Pu’er tea, because it was originally cooked, there is no active enzyme in the leaves, but the taste is very sweet and has a special aroma. Nowadays, the old Paka has become a rare delicious food, which is not only widely spread in the local area, but also exported to all over the world.

Tea tasting

Old Paka is a product of Yunnan’s Pu’er tea, which is a special kind of fried tea process, but it is loved for its special aroma and sweetness. The color of the fake old Paka surface is closer to the real thing, but there is no smell of tea leaves. There are traces of oil on the surface. If cut, the inside will be dry, and the color and surface layer will be different.

After boiling, the authentic old Paka fragrance is fragrant, the tea soup is oily but transparent and bright; while the fake old Paka tea soup is turbid, and some have a strange smell of gelatinous decomposition.

Old Paka tea

Brewing points

1. Old Paka is a high-temperature tea, can not be brewed with boiling water, can only be boiled with a teapot, slowly brewing after a small fire, waiting for the fragrance of the tea soup to be released, the tea soup can taste sweet before drinking . The time to brew tea is based on the preferences of the tea drinker.

2. The old Paka needs to be slightly baked on the charcoal fire before brewing, waiting for the aroma of the tea to be released and then slowly placed in the teapot.

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