Pu’er Tea

Pu’er cooked tea storage guide

Pu’er ripe tea is different from raw tea, and there are also differences in the storage of tea. There are more places to pay attention to. Today, we will bring you a guide for the storage of ripe tea. Depending on tea, you can have no worries.

Storage utensils should use pottery jars, if the amount of tea is more, can use pottery urns or pottery vats. Pottery products have the characteristics of ventilation and ventilation, and are very suitable for storing Pu’er tea. The cylinder mouth does not need to be sealed, so cover it with kraft paper to cover the dust. Turn over the tea every 3-5 months to get twice the result with half the effort.

New tea should not be sealed immediately after it is bought home. It should be slightly breathable. If the new tea has a heavy warehouse flavor, it can be placed in the air first, and stored after the warehouse flavor has dissipated. Tasteless or slightly warehouse flavor of the whole barrel of cake tea, bamboo seals can be removed, single cake storage, can also tear off the wrapper paper for storage.

If the whole container of tea has no warehouse flavor, it can be wrapped with rice paper, cotton paper or kraft paper outside the bamboo grate, and then stored. These wrapping papers can regulate the excessive moisture in the outside world. If you are lucky to buy old tea or antique grade old tea – this kind of Pu’er tea already belongs to the gas tea, you do not need to ventilate the tea when collecting, put it in the packaging box, you can drink at any time, tea quality, tea gas is not harmful. Aged tea can also be stored in porcelain jars. If you buy it for the whole container, the bamboo seals and paper should not be removed to protect its gas. Porcelain pots are semi-sealed and can maintain the aroma and activity of old tea continuously.

Some people also protect the tea gas of antique old tea by wrapping it with edible plastic film and storing it. For the forthcoming tightly pressed tea, the wrapping paper can be removed, the whole piece peeled off, dismantled and placed in the pot to remove the warehouse flavor. This practice is called “moisturizing” or “waking up tea”, and the time varies from one week to two months depending on the specific tea. Wake-up tea should also be wrapped in paper and placed in pots for drinking at any time.

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