Tanyang Gongfu Black Tea

Tanyang Gongfu Black Tea, Bailin Gongfu Black Tea, Zhenghe Gongfu Black Tea

Fujian is the ancestral place of black tea, as early as the 17th century, drifting across the sea, exported to Britain, because of its unique flavor, delicious, loved by the British aristocracy and even the Royal family. Up to now, black tea is still the preferred tea beverage overseas. Black tea accounts for 80% of the world tea market.

Black tea produced in Fujian is mainly divided into Gongfu black tea, small black tea and special black tea. Gongfu black tea is most famous for the “three great efforts of Fujian red” (Bai Lingong, Tan Yang gong, Zheng Gong); small black tea is most famous for the Zhengshan race of Wuyi Mountain; Huaxiang Oolong black tea is a special black tea in Fujian. Fujian red Gongfu tea is the general name of Fujian’s Gongyang Gongfu, Bai Lin’s Gongfu and politics and work. The three kinds of Gongfu tea have different origins, varieties and quality styles, but each has its own consumer enthusiasts, flourishing for a hundred years without decline.

Tanyang Gongfu black tea

Tanyang Gongfu Black Tea ranks first among the “Three Gongfu of Fujian Province”. Since its publication in 1851, Tanyang Gongfu Black Tea has a long-standing reputation. It has been designated as a special tea by the British royal family and ranked among the world famous tea brands. Special tea for Chinese celebrities. Zhang Tianfu, a famous Chinese tea master, once wrote the inscription: “Tan Yang is famous at home and abroad.”

Bailn Gongfu black tea

Bai Lin Gongfu Black Tea is a small leaflet black tea. Locally planted small leaflet groups have the characteristics of many hairs, early sprouting and high yield. The general Bai Lin Gongfu Black Tea has a slender and curved outline, many of the hairs are globular, yellow and black in color, light soup color, pure fragrance, fresh and sweet taste, and bright red belt at the bottom of the leaves. Huang.

Zhenghe Gongfu black tea

Zhenghe Gongfu tea is divided into two types: big tea and small tea. Made of Zhengda White Tea, the large tea series has a tight and strong shape, a dark color and lustre, a rich red soup, a high aroma and sweet taste, a strong and red leaf bottom. The small tea series is made of small leaflet seeds, the strings are tight, the fragrance is like Qihong, but it is not lasting, the soup is slightly shallow, the taste is mellow and the bottom of the leaves is even red.

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