Tanyang Gongfu Black Tea

Tanyang Gongfu Black Tea Development and History

The earliest known is not Tanyang black tea, but natural fragrance of cinnamon tea. At that time, it was still the Song Dynasty. Cinnamomum was always regarded as a lucky tree by the people. The villagers of Tanyang Village planted a lot of cinnamon trees on the hill of the back gate of Tanyang Village, which was called “Guixiangshan”. Every day in August, sweet scented osmanthus is released and fragrant floating ten li. Tea and sweet scented osmanthus natural fusion, natural fusion, taste particularly alcohol, tea quality is particularly good. “Green color, fragrant, sweet taste, beautiful shape” of cinnamon tea is regarded as the best quality by tea people at home and abroad, known as “the best quality of the tea,” and is increasingly popular at home and abroad. The Qing Dynasty Guangxu edition of “Fu’an County Zhishan Chuan” records: Guixiangshan, in Tanyang, tea production is very beautiful, the foothills of Guiyan, Xiangwen several li.

In the fourth year of Hongwu in the Ming Dynasty (1371), local tea growers discovered a miraculous ancient tea tree from the wild jungle. The tea plant has the hereditary characteristics of acid tolerance, cold tolerance, drought tolerance, thin tolerance, wide adaptability, strong resistance, easy to carry and cultivate good management. Because the tea leaves are as big as vegetable leaves, the local people call it “vegetable tea”. Now known as “tanyang vegetable tea”

In the first year of Qing Xianfeng (1851), Tanyang was successfully created by Hu Shi. Then, in the seventh year of Guangxu (1881), Tanyang gradually matured and became famous. According to the Records of Fu’an County, at its peak, there were 36 tea shops on Tanyang Street, less than one kilometer away. Tanyang Gongfu, with its unique style of fragrance, mellow taste and bright shape, is popular in the European upper class. It has been exported to more than 20 countries and regions, such as Britain, France, the Netherlands and so on. It has become a special tea for the British royal family and is known as the “queen of tea”.

In 1915, Tanyang Gongfu Black Tea won a gold medal at the Panama Pacific World Expo with its natural beauty and exquisite craftsmanship, which established its historical status as a national brand and a world famous brand.

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