The difference between Tieguanyin, Huangjingui, Benshan, Maoxie

In recent years, more and more people have tasted tea and Tibetan tea. The brand-name tea is also the same as the authentic brand tea, and survives in the market. Here are some ways to identify tea.

Tie Guanyin

Tea varieties can be divided into so-called pure Tieguanyin and non-pure Tieguanyin in the market. Pure Tieguanyin is also known as Hongxin Guanyin or Hongxiang Guanyin. Others, such as Hongying Guanyin, Baixinwei Guanyin, Baixiang Guanyin and thin-leaf Guanyin, are not pure Tieguanyin. Pure Tieguanyin is a shrub type, with its branches spreading and its leaves growing horizontally. Leaf oval, leaf margin teeth sparse and blunt, leaf surface is a wave-like protuberance, with obvious bone-shaped, slightly reversed to the back, mesophyll thick, dark green lustrous, slightly blunt leaf base, leaf tip concave, slightly to the left, slightly drooping, tender bud purple-red, so called “red bud crooked tail peach,” which is the characteristics of pure species. Tieguanyin is the best of Oolong tea. Tieguanyin’s quality characteristics are: tea strips curl, fat and round knot, heavy and even, the color is sandy green, the overall shape is like a fine dragonfly head, spirochete, frog leg. After brewing, the soup is golden and bright as amber, with a natural rich orchid fragrance, mellow and sweet taste, sweet and long, commonly known as “rhyme”. Tieguanyin tea is fragrant and persistent. It can be said that “seven bubbles have fragrance”.


Huangjingui is an Oolong tea made from the tender shoots of Huangdan tea plant. It is named Golden Cassia because of its golden color and exotic fragrance. Oolong tea is one of the earliest varieties in the existing oolong tea germination, made of Oolong tea, aroma is particularly high, so in the production area known as “Qingming tea”, “fragrant through the sky”, has the reputation of “two strange in the morning”. Early, refers to the early germination, early picking, early marketing; odd refers to the appearance of tea “fine, uniform, yellow”, long and slender, yellow and green luster bright; endoplasmic “fragrance, strange, fresh”, that is, fragrant and high-flavor alcohol, exquisite and elegant, so known as “not tasted sweet, first scent” said. They are small trees, middle leaves and early buds. Tree posture semi-open, dense branches, shorter internodes; Leaves thinner, slightly rolled, deep and sharp teeth, yellow-green leaves with luster, high germination rate; Flowering, less fruit. One year’s growth period is 8 months. It has wide adaptability, strong resistance to disease and insect pests and high yield per unit area. Oolong tea is suitable for making red and green tea. Making oolong tea, fragrant and delicious, water color golden, Huang Liang, unique.

Ben Shan

Tea strips are strong and heavy, the stalks are bright and thin; for example, the tail of “bamboo knot” is slightly pointed, the color is fresh and lustrous as banana skin color; tea soup is orange yellow; the bottom of the leaves is yellow and green, the leaf tip is thin, oblong, the leaf surface is raised, the main vein is obvious; the flavor is pure and slightly thick; the fragrance is like Tieguanyin but lighter. Shrubs, shrubs, middle leaves, and middle buds. Tree posture open, oblique branches, fine branches; oval leaves, thin and crisp leaves, slightly curled leaf margin waves, leaf teeth uneven size, dense buds and long stems, many flowers and fruits. The growth period is about 8 months. Tieguanyin “close relatives”, but the growth and adaptability are stronger than Tieguanyin, Oolong tea quality is good, fragrant and mellow, good quality and Tieguanyin similar. Red and green tea are of medium quality.

Mao Xie

The tea strips are tight, round, with a large head and a sharp tail, tender buds and leaves, and many white hairs. The color of the tea strips is brown, yellow and green. The tea is yellow or golden. Leaves rounded and small at base, wide at middle, pointed at head and tail, deeply serrated, dense, sharp, and hooked downward, slightly thinner leaves, main veins emerging slightly. The taste is pure and slightly thick, fragrant and high, with a slight fragrance of jasmine. Maoxie plant shrubs, middle leaves, middle buds. The tree is semi-open, densely branched, oval, pointed, flat, dark green, thick and crisp, serrated; the shoots are fat, the stems are thick and short, the back of the leaves is white and hairy, and the flowers are many, but basically not strong. One year’s growth period is 8 months. It has strong germination ability, but poor tenderness, dense and uniform germination, more picking batches, rapid crown formation, fast gardening, wide adaptability, strong resistance, easy cultivation, high yield. Oolong tea is the raw material of high-grade “color” tea, and red and green tea is produced with the appearance of fine and the quality is good.

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