Bai Mu Dan Tea

The legend of Bai Mu Dan tea

Bai Mu Dan tea is a famous historical tea in Fujian, China. Fuding Da Bai tea and Fuding Hao Hao tea are used as raw materials and processed by traditional technology. Its leaves are tender and tender, stretching, slightly fat, gray green, silvery white, fragrant, fresh and pure, full of mellow and sweet taste, bright and clear soup apricot yellow. It has the functions of dispel heat, dredge blood vessels, brighten eyesight, resist radiation and detoxify. The main varieties of white tea are white peony and white peony needle. Bai Mu Dan tea is famous for its green leaves with silvery white filaments and flower-like shapes. After brewing, the green leaves hold tender buds like buds.

In the Western Han Dynasty, there was a Taishou named Mao Yi, honest and upright, because he was not used to corrupt officials, so he abandoned the official with his mother to go to the mountains and the old forest seclusion. Mother and son rode to a green hill on a white horse, only to find the fragrance fragrant, so they asked a roadside crane hair childish face, silver beard hanging chest of the old man asked where the fragrance came from. The old man pointed to eighteen white peony trees on the side of the lotus pond, and the smell came from it. The mother and son saw this place as if they were fairyland. They stayed and built the temple to cultivate their tea.

One day, my mother was sick because of her old age and fatigue. Mao Yi searched for medicine and was sleeping on the side of the road in great anxiety and fatigue when he met the white-haired and silver-bearded cactus in his dream. When the cactus found out the reason, he told him, “It is indispensable to use carp with new tea to cure your mother’s illness.” When Mao Yi woke up and returned home, his mother said to him, “I just dreamed that the cactus said that I had to eat carp with new tea to cure the disease.” Two mothers and sons share a dream and think it is the advice of fairies. It was a cold winter season. Mao Yi went to the pond to break the ice and caught the carp. But where did he go to pick new tea in winter?

In the midst of embarrassment, there was a loud noise. The eighteen peonies turned into eighteen immortal teas. The trees were covered with fresh green buds. Mao Yi immediately picked it and dried it. Strange to say, the white-haired tea was like white peony flowers, and the fragrance was very fragrant. Maoyi immediately boiled carp with new tea for her mother to eat, and her mother’s disease was cured. She told her son to take care of the eighteen tea trees, and then flew out of the door and became a tea fairy in charge of the green hills and helped the people grow tea. Later, in order to commemorate Mao Yi’s abandonment of official tea planting and benefit the people, a white peony temple was built, and the famous tea produced in this area was called “Bai Mu Dan Tea” (white peony tea).

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