Dahongpao tea

The legend of Dahongpao tea

The beautiful legend of Dahongpao

Dahongpao (one of the ten famous Chinese tea) is a famous collection of Wuyi Rock Tea (oolong tea) in Fujian province. It is the best quality of Wuyi rock tea and is produced in Wuyishan, Southeast of Chong an, Fujian. There are many kinds of tea plants planted in Wuyi Mountain, such as big red robe, iron arhat, white cockscomb and water turtle. In addition, there are also unknown and golden keys named for the growing environment of tea; drunk begonia, drunk Dongbin, fishing turtle, anchovy, etc. named for the shape of tea tree; melon seed gold, money, bamboo filament, golden willow, fallen leaf willow and so on.

The legend of Dahongpao is very good. It is said that in ancient times, a poor scholar went to Beijing to take an exam. When he passed Wuyi Mountain, he fell ill on the road. Fortunately, he was seen by the old abbot of Tianxin Temple, and made a bowl of tea for him to drink. As a result, he got well. Later, the scholar was named No.

One spring day, the champion came to Shane in Wuyi Mountain. Accompanied by the old abbot, he hugged back and forth until he arrived in Kowloon Steamed. But he saw three tall tea trees growing on the cliff. They were luxuriant with branches and leaves, spitting out clusters of tender buds, shining purple-red in the sunshine. They were lovely. The old abbot said that last year you were suffering from flatulence, which was cured with this kind of tea. A long time ago, whenever the tea tree sprouted in spring, it called the monkey colony, put on red pants, climbed the cliff to pick tea, stir-fry after collection, can cure a hundred diseases. The champion listened to the request to collect a box of tribute emperor.

On the second day, the temple burned incense and lit candles, drums and bells, summoned the small monks and headed for the Kowloon nest. People came to the tea tree to burn incense, and shouted “tea sprouts!” Then the leaves were picked up, made by Seiko and packed into tin boxes. When the champion brought tea to Beijing, he was in a state of pain and swelling and was bedridden. The champion immediately offered tea to the queen to take the tea. The emperor rejoice and give a big red Pao to the champion. Let him represent himself to Wuyishan. Along the way, guns and candles blazed, and in Kowloon, a top-ranking woodcutter climbed the hillside and draped the red robe from the emperor on the tea tree to show his kindness. Strange to say, when the big red robe was lifted, the buds and leaves of the three tea trees shone red in the sun, and people said it was red. Later, people called these three tea trees “Dahongpao”. Some people also carved “Dahongpao” three characters on the stone wall. From then on, Dahongpao became a tribute tea year after year.

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