West Lake Longjing

West Lake Longjing Tea Introduction

West Lake Longjing Tea Introduction

West Lake Longjing tea ranks the ten most famous tea in China, and is known as “green tea Queen” abroad. It has a history of more than 1200 years, and the tea Scripture written by Lu Yu, a tea saint in the Tang Dynasty, has been recorded. In Longjing, the name of tea began in the Song Dynasty and became famous in the Qing Dynasty.

West Lake Longjing Tea District is located in a unique microclimate surrounded by mountains on three sides, including Meijiawu, Yunqi, Shifeng Mountain, Lingyin and other places, where there are dense trees, green bamboo whirling, a piece of tea garden is in the clouds and fog shrouded, shade shrouded. It has unique ecological conditions, mild climate and abundant rainfall. “Those who come out of Longjing are fragrant beans, fragrant and sweet, and different from other mountains” (see “Qian Tang county annals”).

Hangzhou is one of the seven ancient capitals in China. Su Dongpo, a poet in the Song Dynasty, once had a “hymn of West Lake to the west” and “always beautiful like a beautiful woman”.

Longjing tea processing method unique use of “grasp, shake, lap, rubbing, press, push, buckle, throw, grind, press” and other ten techniques.

The super-grade Longjing tea is flat, smooth, straight, tender green and lustrous. Its aroma is fresh, tender and clear. Its taste is fresh and sweet, and its leaves are tender and blooming. Xihu Longjing Tea is not only a combination of tea color, fragrance, taste and shape, but also a combination of famous mountains, temples, lakes, springs and tea, forming a unique and proud Longjing Tea Culture.

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