Taiping Houkui

What are the characteristics of Taiping Houkui?

Taiping Houkui’s harvesting standards are very strict, and the process of killing green and shaping is very demanding, so the yield of top-grade monkey queen is small and small.

The characteristics of finished tea are:

1. Shape: Taiping Houkui is flat and straight, big and strong, two leaves embrace a bud, uniform, not obvious, green and even, part of the main vein dark red; known as “Houkui tip, not scattered not warped not curled edge”.

2, aroma: the orchid is fragrant and refreshing, and the fragrance lasts.

3, color: dry tea color: green and smooth, some main veins dark red; soup color green bright.

4, taste: fresh and mellow, with sweet aftertaste and unique “monkey rhyme”.

5, the bottom of the leaf is tender and rich, and it is bright, yellow, green and bright.

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