yellow tea

What are the varieties of yellow tea?

According to the tenderness of fresh leaves and the size of buds, yellow tea can be divided into three types: yellow bud tea, yellow small tea and yellow big tea.

Yellow bud tea uses delicate raw materials, often a single bud or bud a leaf, the famous varieties are Junshan silver needle, Mengding yellow bud and Huoshan yellow bud. Huangya tea is the best quality of Hunan Dongting Junshan silver needle, the product of the tea shape is strong and straight, heavy and uniform, silver disclosed, golden bud body bright, endoplasmic fragrance fresh tender, soup apricot yellow clear, delicious. Yellow bud of Mount Holyoke in Anhui is also a treasure of yellow bud tea. The production of Mount Holyoke tea has a long history. It was produced in the Tang Dynasty, and was a tribute in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Yellow tea is processed with tender buds and leaves, mainly including Beigang Maojian, Fengshan Maojian, Yuanan Luyuan tea, Wanxi Huangxiaocha, Zhejiang Pingyang Huangtang, etc.

Huang Dacha uses one bud and many leaves (2-3-4-5 leaves) as raw materials, mainly produced in Huoshan, Jinzhai, Liu’an, Yuexi, Yingshan, Hubei and Guangdong Dayeqing, etc

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