Anhua Tianjian dark tea

What is Anhua Tianjian Dark Tea?

Tianjian tea is one of the traditional dark teas of Anhua in Hunan Province. Historically, Anhua dark tea has the theory of “three tips”: Tianjian, Shengjian and Gongjian. Tianjian tea has the highest status and the highest grade of dark tea. Tianjian tea was listed as a tribute in Qingdao light year for Royal drinking. It is a special tea for emperor Ching.

Tianjian tea is made from fresh leaves in rainy season. It has dark color, delicious taste, pure rosin, mellow taste, dark yellow and bright soup color, even and tender leaf bottom, and stable quality. It has the effects of weight loss, lipid reduction, blood lowering and improving immunity.

Anhua Tianjian dark tea is very resistant to steep, leaves are not fragile, good tipped tips can be steep10 many times, economical and practical. Usually when you are 10-15 steep, you will feel full of tea, the taste is sweet and pure, from the throat to start with a slight astringent taste, and then back to sweet quickly strong

Anhua Tianjian Dark tea is packed in the old bamboo basket. This kind of packaging helps to circulate the air dry and wet. It can ferment the Dark tea naturally and produce active beneficial bacteria through microorganism reproduction and metabolism. And this kind of active beneficial bacteria has health care effect on human body. Therefore, Anhua Tianjian Dark tea should not be stored in the refrigerator, avoid using plastic bags, aluminum foil paper and other sealing should be kept cool and ventilated.

There is a pure pine smoke aroma on the tip of the sky. If the aroma is adulterated with other odors, there is a problem with the tea.

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