Lushan Yunwu

What is Lushan Yunwu Tea?

Lushan Yunwu Tea is one of the famous Chinese green teas. Lushan, the singular wonder of Qi, has been known as “the world of Qi Qi Xiu Jia” since ancient times. Lushan Mountain is located in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province. The mountain starts from the flat land, flies to the edge of the river, and faces the Yangtze River in the north. The main peak is towering into the clouds at an altitude of 1474 meters.

The peaks and cliffs are steep and steep, the canyons are deep and secluded, criss-crossing, the clouds are over the mountains, unpredictable, and at the turn of spring and summer, the common white clouds are around the mountains. Sometimes the clouds are like a tulle covering the mountains, sometimes a cloud of smooth peaks rushing to the peaks, pouring into the deep valley, this magnificent landscape is known as the “mountain cloud”. Yunyun accumulates fog, adding a lot of magical scenery to Lushan Mountain, and using cloud as the name of tea.

According to the report, Lushan tea began in the Jin Dynasty. During the Tang Dynasty, the scholars and literati once gathered in Lushan, and the production of tea in Lushan had developed. According to legend, the famous poet Bai Juyi once set up a house under the peak of the incense burner in Lushan Mountain, and opened up a garden to plant tea. During the Song Dynasty, Laoshan tea was classified as “tribute tea”. The color of Lushan Yunwu tea is green, the fragrance is like the orchid, the glutinous rice is fresh and fresh, and the bud leaves are tender and bright.

Lushan Yunwu Tea not only has an ideal growing environment and excellent tea varieties, but also has exquisite harvesting techniques. Before and after the Qingming, with the increase of altitude, the mining of fresh leaves was delayed until the “May 1st” festival, with one bud and one leaf as the standard. After collecting the tea slices, spread them in a cool, ventilated place to keep the fresh leaves pure. Then, after nine steps, such as killing, shaking, and smashing, the finished product is finished.

Due to the high quality of Lushan Yunwu Tea, it is very popular among consumers at home and abroad. In addition to the best-selling domestic market, it is also sold to Japan, Germany, South Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries. Especially with the development of tourism in Lushan, the demand for Lushan Yunwu Tea is increasing, and all Chinese and foreign tourists who come to Lushan are buying. Some Lushan Yunwu tea, in order to give gifts to relatives and friends. In 1959, when Comrade Zhu De went to Lushan to taste this tea, he was pleased to make a poem: “Yushan Yunwu Tea, which is rich in flavor and spicy, if you drink long, drink and prolong life.”

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