Anji white tea

Why Anji white tea is green tea?

Why Anji white tea is green tea?

Anji white tea belongs to green tea. Although there is a “white” in the name, it is not a white tea.

Anji County is located in the northern part of Zhejiang Province. It is a famous bamboo home in China. In 1982, people accidentally discovered a white tea ancient tea tree in a valley in Anji. Since then, Anji white tea has been recognized and developed by people.

The color of Anji White Tea Tree is obviously shallow. Tea tree tea bud color will change with the season: the young leaves before Qingming are grayish white; when it is rain, the young leaves will gradually turn green until they are all green. Anji White Tea has a short tea production period of about one month, which makes white tea more delicate.

Anji White Tea is different from white peony in “white tea” among the six major Chinese teas. White silver needles and white peony are white tea made from green leaves. The classification of white tea is determined by its processing method. And Anji White Tea is a special type of white leaf tea. The color white is from the variety. Anji White Tea is both a rare variety of tea trees and a valuable name for tea.

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