Liubao Tea

Why is Liubao Tea brewing so many times?

Liubao tea is a kind of post-fermented tea, which is made by killing green, rolling, heaping and drying, and the product is dark brown after long-term aging. Liubao tea is very resistant to brewing, so-called resistance to brewing, refers to the tea after many times brewing, the soup color and taste has not changed much. Liubao tea can not only be brewed in boiling water for dozens of channels directly, even if the brewed tea is cooked again, its soup color is still as beautiful as red wine, and its taste is mellow and smooth.

So why is Liubao tea brewed so many times? What we see is only the surface. It’s resistant to brewing because of the substances in Liubao tea. Liubao town is cloudy and foggy all the year round. Liubao tea trees grow more in yellow maotai, red mud or stone fields in the mountains. This particular geographical and climatic conditions breed the original Liubao tea with rich substances. Its leaves and buds are rich in nutrients, and the Liubao tea must be brewed many times before it is released.

Liubao tea picking standard is one bud, two clover or three sprouts. Because of its picking standard, Liubao tea contains some coarser old leaves and stems. The thicker leaves and stalks are not rolled so deeply that their contents are released more slowly. Even more because Liubao tea looks crude, tea people hate it, but it is this ugly appearance of crude tea and tea stalk plays a very important role in tea quality. Such tea leaves are rich in tea polysaccharides. Tea polysaccharides can prevent hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis by regulating the concentration of cholesterol and fat in the blood. Tea polysaccharides have obvious anti-radiation injury and protection of hematopoietic function. Tea polysaccharides also have the functions of enhancing immune function, anti-coagulation, anti-thrombosis and lowering blood pressure.

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