olde Pu'er tea

Will Pu’er tea expire?

I believe that many people who don’t understand Pu’er tea will have doubts. Since Pu’er tea is a kind of drink, why Pu’er tea will not expire and will not deteriorate.

If properly preserved, Pu’er tea will be more fragrant, but when purchased, it will be found in the outer packaging of Pu’er tea marked preservation period, which is because food must be marked, in fact, consumers in drinking Pu’er tea, do not care. In addition, if tea is found to be mildew, it is usually caused by improper preservation.

New Pu’er tea has a strong taste and strong irritation, and is not used to people who are used to drinking mountain tea or Pu’er tea. Old Pu’er tea has been aged for a long time. After a long time of post-oxidation, it becomes mild and non-stimulating, which can promote blood metabolism and not stimulate the stomach.

Pu’er tea will not expire, and the longer the storage time, the higher the degree of oxidation, the more mellow the taste of tea soup.

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