Yunnan Dianhong

Yunnan Dianhong tea presentation

Yunnan Dianhong tea is Yunnan Gongfu black tea, produced in Fengan, Lincang, Yunxian, Shuangjiang, Changning and Menghai counties, has a long history, known as a treasure of black tea. Yunnan black tea is characterized by strong and lasting aroma, strong and mellow taste, tea soup red and bright red; strong and fat buds, bright yellow and red color, strong strip, dark red and lustrous color, containing a variety of beneficial ingredients; and both brewing and storage, brewing three or four times without reducing the fragrance, storage is still as thick as before.

The picking period of Yunnan Dianhong tea is longer. The tea plant sprouts early in spring, and there are many rounds of sprouting throughout the year. In order to combine harvesting and feeding, the harvesting period is from mid March to mid November every year, which is divided into spring tea, summer tea and autumn tea, with spring tea in the majority and autumn tea in the least. In the process of making, four main processes such as withering, twisting, fermentation and drying are used to make tea. After grading and returning to the heap, the processed tea will be classified as “black tea” at different levels.

Yunnan Dianhong Kungfu Tea was first trial-produced in Fengqing, Yunnan Province in 1939. According to Shunning County Chronicle, in 1938, tea districts in southeastern provinces were close to the war zone, and the production was not easy. In accordance with the Ministry’s orders, the Chinese Tea Company actively developed the southwestern tea districts in order to maintain the existing market of Chinese tea in the world. In March, 1939, the Chinese Tea Company began to develop the tea districts in the southwestern part of the Republic of China. On the eight day, the shunning tea factory (now Fengqing tea factory) was formally set up to build and trial produce at the same time. According to historical records, 15 tons of production were sold to Britain in that year, and production was continuously expanded. Production was also organized in Menghai, Xishuangbanna and other places. The quality of products was excellent and was welcomed by the international market.

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